Transferable development rights are an excellent way to compensate farmers and help keep America food independent.

Do you own land that is designated, or zoned, for Transferable Development Rights (TDR)? We can increase the visibility of your TDR to help a buyer find it and purchase it.

As the only national marketplace for TDRs, we seek to ensure that you’ll have access to the largest group of potential buyers.

Listing your TDR with us is free! Once a potential buyer expresses interest in finding out more about your property, you’ll receive notification that a potential buyer awaits. Then simply log into your Aedalin account to communicate with the potential buyer within our platform.

Here’s how Aedalin works for you as a seller of your transferable development right:

Start by registering with Aedalin for FREE!
After you register, you provide a few key pieces of information about your TDR, including a brief summary of your TDR that gives a potential buyer enough information to know if they are interested in finding out more.
Once you are registered with Aedalin and list your TDR, you simply wait to be notified that a potential buyer is interested in negotiating with you regarding your TDR.
After you are notified of a potential buyer’s interest, you can decide to engage with them or wait for another potential buyer. Once you decide you are interested in talking with a potential buyer, you upgrade your Aedalin registration status in order to communicate with buyers.
You can communicate with as many potential buyers as you want at no charge. You can communicate with potential buyers via Aedalin or exchange phone numbers and communicate outside of Aedalin.
After you sell your TDR, simply cancel your listing with no further obligation to Aedalin!
Sellers can list their TDR on Aedalin for free, and wait to be notified of a potential interested buyer.