Aedalin has TDRs listed in 13 different TDR programs in Washington state!

Aedalin is the first national exchange for transferable development rights

and we are making our exchange free for current users of the King County TDR Exchange (offer expires July 15, 2023)


Please watch the above short video on Aedalin, but also here is a quick overview:

*Aedalin is an online marketplace where buyers and sellers of TDRs can meet

*Aedalin is always free for those who own TDRs to list their TDRs for sale on our marketplace

*Aedalin is free for buyers to browse and look for TDRs.  Normally, buyers only pay a fee to Aedalin once they see a TDR they are interested in.

*However, Aedalin is making registration free for life (as a buyer and seller) for current users of the King County online exchange.


We realize users of the King County Exchange are already interested in TDRs, and so giving them free access does two distinct things:

*One:  It gives sellers of TDRs in other TDR Programs access to a pool of potential buyers who are experienced with TDRs

*Two:  It gives you, the King Co Exchange users, the ability to find TDRs in other programs that you may have never previously known about


To be clear, Aedalin has no relationship with King County and neither party receives any compensation for this.  We are doing this as a way to increase our user base and to make Aedalin more useful to TDR buyers and seller in other Washington TDR programs on Aedalin.  However, this offer expires July 15 so sign up today!

Read through the steps below to learn more and be sure to sign up and to start your search today!

Transferable development rights are an effective tool to limit urban sprawl, while compensating land owners.
Transferable development rights are an excellent way to compensate farmers and help keep America food independent.
First, register with Aedalin for FREE!
Select "Washington" as your home state and but be sure to use code "KINGCO2023" when registering so that your account is free for life.
When you find a TDR that appears to meet your needs, you then you can initiate that communication with that seller within our communication app on Aedalin.
You are then free to continue your communications within the app, or exchange emails / phone numbers and move off the app.
Remember: register by July15, 2023 and use Discount Code "KINGCO2023".

Start browsing for free today!

Be sure to use the Discount Code “KINGCO2023” by July 15,

and consider bookmarking this page because it is only available via link.

TDRs can be used to preserve forest land, which in turn can help absorb carbon.
The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency has established a TDR Program to preserve Lake Tahoe's beautiful clarity.