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Aedalin has TDRs listed in 13 different TDR programs in Washington state!

Increase density by using a Transferable Development Right (TDR).

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At no charge, you can search our collection of TDRs by selecting the areas of interest to you. When you find a TDR that appears to meet your needs and you want to learn more about it, simply upgrade your Aedalin membership to unlock all of the details along with your ability to communicate with the TDR Seller.

We have TDRs listed in 13 different TDR programs in Washington state, so be sure to start your search today!  Registration is free and no credit card is required!


Here’s how it works:

Transferable development rights are an effective tool to limit urban sprawl, while compensating land owners.
Transferable development rights are an excellent way to compensate farmers and help keep America food independent.
First, register with Aedalin for FREE!
Once registered, select the state and the specific TDR program in which you are interested. Registration is free, but be sure to use code "MBA2023" when registering so that if you upgrade later you get a discount.
Aedalin then lists all of the TDR’s that have registered with us within your selected TDR program. You will see a short summary of each TDR available.
When you find a TDR that appears to meet your needs, you then upgrade your Aedalin registration status in order to communicate with that seller. The upgrade fee is normally $495 for the first month and, if you don’t purchase a TDR within the first month, you only pay $99 per month until you find a suitable TDR. You can cancel at any time.
However, if you use code "MBA2023" when registering then your first month fee is only $249 - and you do not pay this fee until you see a TDR you are interested in.
Once you are upgraded, you can communicate with as many potential sellers as you want at no extra charge. You can communicate with them via Aedalin or exchange phone numbers and communicate outside of Aedalin.
After purchasing a TDR, you can cancel your account or remain upgraded to continue purchasing TDRs from other sellers within the same program.

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TDRs can be used to preserve forest land, which in turn can help absorb carbon.
The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency has established a TDR Program to preserve Lake Tahoe's beautiful clarity.